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Compress attachments automatically!
Daten schnell einfach und sicher verschlüsseln    bxAutoZip is an Add-In for Outlook and Outlook Express which automatically and independently compresses any e-mail attachments.

bxAutoZip adds a new button to your Outlook message window.
Simply press the button, and all file attachments are quickly and auto- matically compressed before the message is sent. This can reduce
the size of your e-mail by up to 90%.

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FAQ - Frequently
Asked Questions
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Annoyance caused by large file attachments
There is nothing more annoying than being sent huge file attachments by e-mail. Your telephone line is tied up for extended periods, and you are paying for the privilege as well.

In particular, companies with fast leased lines often forget that the recipient's internet connection could actually be slower than their own, and cause annoyance to their customers by sending large files. On occasion this may even make customers wonder about the competence of the sender and ask themselves, "Why wasn't the attachment compressed?"

With bxAutoZip, even novice users will please all of their professional and personal e-mail contacts by sending compressed attachments like an expert. bxAutoZip's seamless Outlook and Outlook Express integration makes it remarkably quick, easy, and foolproof.

Fully integrated into Outlook
The major advantage of bxAutoZip is its seamless integration into Outlook. Users can create e-mails with file attachments in the usual way, but they do not then have to worry about compressing the attachments, as this task is carried out in the background by bxAutoZip.

Turn drudgery into child's play!
Using conventional methods, e-mail file attachments must be compressed externally before they are attached, a process than can be time consuming, complex, and confusing.

bxAutoZip changes everything! Press one simple button, and it's done automatically and fast. No more cryptic zip utilities, no more searching for where the zip file was saved, no more hard disk clutter from all those extra zipped copies of every file you've sent.

Self-extracting archive option for flexibility!
Unsure whether your recipient's computer has the software to automatically unzip your compressed file attachments? Use bxAutoZip's self-extracting archive option. Instead of zip files,
this option creates and sends (*.exe) files which will self-extract
upon arrival.

Huge savings potential
A study carried out by the GIGA Information Group shows that automatic e-mail compression can bring enormous potential savings, which they estimate at $18.96 per PC per month.

Compress email attachments automatically
When bxAutoZip's button is pressed, all file attachments are
automatically compressed immediately that the message is sent.
bxAutoZip - Highlights

Rapid, uncomplicated compression of all e-mail attachments - Effortlessly, with no extra user input needed!
Seamless integration into Outlook and Outlook Express
Genuine savings because both sending and receiving require less time online
Uses the ZIP format that is standard all round the world
Optionally sends self-extracting archive (*.exe) attachments instead of standard zip files.
Interface to CryptoMite (automatic data encryption utility)
Minimizes bandwidth requirements and reduces transmission times
Faster transmission of large files means enhanced productivity and greater user satisfaction
Private use is free of charge (ZIP files are provided with notes)

Watch a fully self running bxAutoZip online demo

Feel free to download the fully functioning, bxAutoZip evaluation version for Outlook or Outlook Express. Free for private use!

For Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7.

Version for Outlook 97/98/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010
compress attachments bxAutoZip for Outlook
Version 1.50 (1517 KB)

Version for Outlook Express 5/6
compress attachments bxAutoZip for Outlook Express
Version 1.12 (1266 KB)

bxAutoZip is multilingual and supports:
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dansk

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