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OpenExpert - Open With submenu for explorer's menu
OpenExpert ... Ever had the problem that you frequently use a file type with more than one application, while you can only  associate one application with that file type?
OpenExpert enables you to specify any number of suitable applications for each file type. In this way, when you open a file, instead of being restricted to using a single pre-determined application, you can easily choose among a list of suitable applications.

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Easily open your graphic files in your favorite paint programs or view your HTML files in either Netscape or Internet Explorer, just with a few mouse clicks. You can even add different versions of the same program to the OpenExpert menu.

The screenshot below shows how it works: Right-click your file, point to "Open with" and then just click on the program which should open the file. That's how easy it is!

screenshot screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot screenshot
To choose the applications for the given file type, just select "Configure Applications" and you're provided with a dialog where you can easily add your applications to the menu.
Main Features
Adds a user-configurable "Open with" sub-menu to each file.
Allows an unlimited number of applications for each file type.
Easily add applications for any file types.
Import and export of configuration data to copy settings to another system.
Very small memory footprint
OpenExpert is free for personal use!

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